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Your Burning Burnout Questions – Answered, with Amanda & Rebecca

Full Plate Full Cup

14-08-2023 • 56 mins

In our first-ever solo episode, we are talking all things burnout and answering questions submitted by YOU — our Full Plate Full Cup community. We share learnings from all the modalities we’ve been trained in (executive coaching, yoga therapy, somatic experiencing and more!) as well as anecdotes from our 1-1 client case studies. This episode will inspire you to believe that healing burnout IS possible — no matter how long your cup has been empty.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The early warning signs of impending burnout
  • How to carve out time and space in a busy AF calendar
  • Why ‘work-life balance’ is BS – and what you should be striving for instead
  • How your nervous system works, and how it is affected by burnout
  • When you should change jobs in order to beat burnout
  • The important but subtle distinction between burnout and a mental health condition you should see your therapist for
  • Exactly when to start healing your burnout

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