Collaborating for a Sustainable Future: Bridging the Gap Between Corporates and NGOs with Helen Neal, founder of HN Communications

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08-11-2023 • 22 mins

In this episode of the Beautiful Business Podcast, host Yiuwin Tsang sits down with Helen Neal, the founder of HN Communications. Helen shares her extensive background in working with large organisations and offers invaluable insights into her journey from corporate roles to establishing her agency.

Helen spent years working for global giants like Virgin Atlantic and Nissan, where she was closely involved in government relations, policy, and campaigns. Throughout her career, she found herself drawn to sustainability and climate-related issue. Six years ago, Helen took a bold step and founded HN Communications. What prompted this change in her career trajectory? Helen delves into the perfect storm of factors, including her desire to balance her career and motherhood, as well as the realisation that it was time for a change.

As Helen reflects on her journey, she highlights the unique position her agency holds, not having followed the traditional agency mold. This freedom allows them to adapt and create a unique agency tailored to the needs of their clients.

Helen discusses her agency's approach to working with large corporations, emphasising the importance of understanding that even large organisations are composed of small teams. Being small can be a superpower, providing agility and creativity that corporations often desire. She encourages agencies to focus on becoming a seamless part of their clients' team and supporting them in every way possible.

Helen also discusses the power of collaboration between corporations and NGOs and the valuable lessons learned from the transparency and authenticity of the NGO world.

The episode concludes with a discussion on the future of sustainability and the vital role of collaboration between businesses and NGOs in driving meaningful change. Helen's belief in positive progress and the need for accountability will resonate with many of our listeners.

About Helen Neal

Helen Neal is the founder of HN Communications which has been operating since 2017. She has 2- years experience in policy, transport and sustainability. Helen is an advocate of collaboration and kindness in business and is on a mission to help businesses do more good in the world.

HN Communications is an award-wining specialist agency that helps Global businesses and NGOs tell their story, what they believe in and stand for.

Helen and her team work on global campaigns for international brands in food and drink, automotive, engineering, climate action and business transformation. They are at their happiest when they are helping people and their organisation to do good things in the world.

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