Sears Didn't Die, It was Murdered | Corporate Casket


02-11-2023 • 26 mins

Sign up for our Patreon to support what we do! Welcome to the Corporate Casket, a weekly series where bad businesses go to die. Sears was once one of the biggest names in retail, but they started to flounder until—a few years ago—they’re all but dead. What happened to them? Is this the result of all retail succumbing to online shopping, or is it deeper than that? In this story, the killer’s in the house. Connect With Me:’ Sources: Writers/Researchers/Helpers: Ali Z-B This episode was edited and mixed by: G. Thomas Craig Album cover art created by: Betsy Primes Intro Song Credits: Trauma- Will Van De Crommert Outro Song Credits: Electronica Punch- Oleksandr Koltsov Learn more about your ad choices. Visit