Blair Zoń

Welcome to iilluminaughtii, the podcast that is all about debunking bad business. Whether it's a pyramid scheme or a charity stealing money, everything (and anything) business-related is on the table. Blair Zoń is ready to dig into the underbelly of the business world to find out where your money and time really goes. Subscribe now to make sure you don't miss any of episodes delivered fresh every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. read less

Our Editor's Take

Bad business practices have permeated many facets of everyday life. On the illuminaughtii podcast, Blair Zoń uncovers the nasty side of businesses. From unethical practices to outright theft, some of the best-known companies are guilty. Fans of Blair will be familiar with the video channel of the same name. The illuminaughtii podcast provides the same information in audio.

In around 30 minutes, every episode gives an overview of a problematic business. Fans of illuminaughtii enjoy Blair's witty and efficient delivery. Her calming voice creates an atmospheric and informative show. The podcast uses audio from the news and ambient music for a great listening experience.

Many podcast topics are controversial, such as the "No Child Left Behind" act of the early 2000s. Others are smaller but still fascinating, like the deceptive pricing on Airbnb. Many of Blair's topics are downright travesties. Iilluminaughtii examines MLMs, pyramid schemes, and bad business models. Dangerous products like Bang Energy and Four Loko are other interesting episode topics.

Listeners will discover some of the best-kept business secrets. The podcast is ideal for anyone interested in conspiracies, corruption, and crime. There are three types of episodes that Blair releases each week. On Multi-Level Mondays, Blair explores an exploitative MLM. Dark Dives presents a topic that will appeal to listeners with morbid curiosity. Corporate Casket unveils stories of the worst business practices.

Most podcast listeners will find something to love with illuminaughtii. Topics on the show range from political to social. The podcast can profile celebrities or entire governments. Blair's extensive research comes through in every episode. She brings an informed voice to every topic she covers. Podcast listeners will enjoy learning about the dismal side of business ethics. On iilluminaughtii, fans can listen to a new episode three times a week.

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