Purpose VS Profit: How to drive real growth with Ecomm Fashion & Gambling Head of Marketing, Laricea Ioana Roman-Halliday #30

Marketing in the Madness

23-01-2024 • 52 mins

This week Katie welcomes the dynamic Laricea Ioana Roman-Halliday to the “Marketing In the Madness” hot seat 🔥

Laricea is a seasoned Head of Marketing in EComm Fashion at Boohoo and the gambling realm of Party Casino, plus author of “A Brand’s Purpose…Less Unicorn, More Zebra” 🦓

Laricea unravels her extensive career and experience working with major brands and curating and groundbreaking marketing campaigns under the pressure of small budgets and limited resources - providing crucial tips for navigating the 2024 Marketing Landscape.

In this episode you’ll learn:

💰 How to thrive amid tighter budgets and limited resources

📈 The best tools and platforms to track marketing performance

🚀 How to build profitable brands with purpose

🦸‍♀️ How to overcome imposter syndrome

This episode is a roadmap for marketing professionals seeking fresh perspectives, innovative strategies and progression. Tune in now! 🎙

Katie Street

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