The Cursed German U-Boat

Hist-eerie Podcast

31-10-2018 • 31 mins

Something evil lurked within the steel and iron body of the World War I German U-boat, the UB-65. Frightened sailors named it both haunted AND cursed—but how? In this one-year anniversary episode of Hist-eerie, Diane Ladley, "America's Ghost Storyteller", separates fact from fiction behind one of maritime history's most terrifying legends with, "The Cursed WWI German U-boat, UB-65". The ill-fated submarine was forged in the hellish fires of war to wreck devastation upon Germany's enemies. Did some supernatural entity turn Hell back on its creators and crew? Now at rest in its eternal grave at the bottom of the sea, the doomed submarine's tally of bizarre deaths stands at 56 men...and counting. Because its deadly curse lives on! 
 This episode is rated PG, Parental guidance suggested.

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