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Achtung! Achtung! Comedian Al Murray and historian James Holland discuss all matters WW2. WW2 Pod: We Have Ways of Making You Talk is a bi-weekly show exploring the war in close up. James and Al have a stunning knowledge of their subject, but don't expect a linear narrative. The boys love a tangent and a forgotten tale. We Have Ways of Making You Talk roams down forgotten front lines, casts new villains and makes the case for unlikely heroes. Send questions to James and Al via Twitter using #WeHaveWays or by email to wehavewayspodcast@gmail.com Join our membership club for extra content, livestreams and ad-free listening: patreon.com/wehaveways read less

Our Editor's Take

We Have Ways of Making You Talk is a podcast about World War II. Comedian Al Murray and the historian James Holland cohost the UK-based series. This combination provides a healthy mix of hilarity and historical fact. They read between the lines of history and elaborate on well-known events. Visiting historical sites and explaining detailed context bring scenes from the Second World War to life. The podcast acts as a remembrance of this highly significant time in history. Detailed explanations and expressive interest in the topics make the podcast so intriguing.

Doing a show combining comedy and World War II may seem like an odd choice. But even servicemembers during the war had gallows humor. Acronyms like SOS to describe a mess hall dish and SNAFU to describe a problem indicate that. The podcast title We Have Ways of Making You Talk comes from a joke about the Germans. It was a famous line on Hogan's Heroes, a TV show that also combined comedy and the war.

The hosts discuss the Grand Alliance between the US, UK, and the Soviet Union, and how the Allies led their side to victory. Battleground details and compelling descriptions help listeners visualize what is happening. It is touching to hear their genuine reactions to new facts. They have a reverence for the feats of unlikely heroes. This podcast demonstrates the detriment of the conflict in Europe. It shows how it evoked extraordinary feats of human resistance. Murray and Holland tell forgotten tales and add to the history of World War II.

The hosts describe battle stations and what it would have been like on the front lines. They discuss Nazi strategy, the German nuclear program, and the Italian campaign. They also explain Pacific theater action. Additional mentions include a discussion about bomber commands and strategic bombing campaigns.

Included in the We Have Ways of Making You Talk podcast are episodes in the Family Stories Series. These episodes allow listeners to send in the stories of their family members. This series memorializes the incredible acts of that generation.

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