Real Dictators


Real Dictators is the award-winning podcast that explores the hidden lives of history's tyrants. Hosted by Paul McGann, with contributions from eyewitnesses and expert historians. New episodes available one week early for Noiser+ subscribers. You'll also get ad-free listening and exclusive content. To find out more about Noiser+, head to For advertising enquiries, email Production: Joel Duddell, Miriam Baines, Tom Pink, George Tapp, Dorry Macaulay, Cian Ryan-Morgan, Joseph McGann. Compositions by Oliver Baines, Dorry Macaulay, Tom Pink. read less

Our Editor's Take

Real Dictators is a podcast about some of history's most notorious leaders. Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, and Vladimir Lenin are some of the dictators discussed. There are also episodes about Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Mao Zedong. This popular series also has episodes about more modern leaders. Robert Mugabe and Muammar Gaddafi get several episodes about their lives.

British actor Paul McGann brings his signature style to every Real Dictators podcast episode. The show is a fascinating listen for anyone interested in learning more about world history. The Withnail and I actor speaks with clear narration. It keeps audiences engaged from start to finish. McGann's delivery makes understanding even difficult topics easy.

Each Real Dictators episode focuses on an aspect of a dictator's life. The show explores how these leaders rose to power. They also explain what led them down their path towards tyranny. Where did these ruthless dictators come from? What made them go bad? How did they lose power? How did their lives end? This podcast has the answers.

Through interviews with historians, Real Dictators explains these despots. It does so in a way a modern audience can understand. One expert says that Stalin would have been "a first-class advertising executive" in the US. That's because Stalin knew how to market his political point of view in a way others would want to buy into it.

Real Dictators provides an insightful view of these complex personalities. The podcast talks about the men behind some of humanity's worst moments. It also discusses lesser-known details about the dictators. Listeners will learn new things about famous historical figures like Pol Pot and Francisco Franco. New episodes come out each week. Fans of history podcasts may enjoy this show.

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