The Belgrano Diary

20-03-2024 • 3 mins

On 2 May 1982, the British submarine HMS Conqueror sank the Argentinian warship, the General Belgrano, killing 323 men. It was the bloodiest event of the Falklands War – and the most controversial.

The account of the sinking given by Thatcher's government was inaccurate in every crucial detail – and the truth would only emerge from the pages of a private diary, written by an officer onboard the submarine.

The Belgrano Diary is a story of war in the South Atlantic, iron leadership, cover-ups and conspiracies, crusading politicians and competing journalists, and an unlikely whistleblower.

A new six-part series from the Documentary Team at the London Review of Books, hosted by Andrew O’Hagan.


‘Good Morning Britain’/ITV/TV-Am, Parliamentary Recording Unit

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