#01 Women on the Road: Carrolen Selink - Seer, Soul Selfie Artist

Grow Happy like a Rich Hippie

15-10-2023 • 20 mins

Women on the Road: Inspiring Life Stories of Businesswomen on their Journey

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🌟 Soul Sketch Unveiled: A Journey Into The Heart of Authenticity 🌟
Meet Carro (@carro.nl), the woman who reads the very essence of your soul and sketches it onto paper!

✏️🎨 If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to look at a portrait and see not just a face, but a journey, a narrative, a legacy—then you must catch this eye-opening interview!

Carro started as a traditional illustrator, lending her talents to big-name companies. But 13 years ago, her intuitive gifts became too powerful to ignore. She felt compelled to merge her psychic sensitivities with her artistic skills. And thus, the magical art form of „Soul Sketching“ was born. 🌈🔮

So, are YOU in touch with your authentic self? Have you ever explored your core essence? 🤔 This interview is a call to action for all of us to dive deep into our inner worlds. We’re often too caught up with societal expectations that we overlook the colors of our own soul. Don’t just be a spectator; engage in your own narrative!

🌟 Now become your own soul selfie artist and let’s have some fun:
What emoji best captures your soul? Feel free to comment below.👇

🌈 Grow happy like a rich hippie.

Love & Light

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