Empathy, Trust, and Decision Bias

The Industry of Trust

06-05-2023 • 37 mins

Today we're back with our Think Again series with Chatper 6.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of in-person connections, addressing biases and stereotypes, and fostering empathy in the context of careers, leadership, and teamwork. We share personal experiences and anecdotes, highlighting the value of presence and intentionality in professional settings. The conversation also touches on the future of work, the role of empathy in designing office experiences, and the challenges and responsibilities of being a leader.

Key Points:

- The value of in-person connections and experiences in professional and personal contexts

- Addressing biases and stereotypes in careers, leadership, and building trust

- The dangers of group biases and the importance of recognizing and addressing them

- The role of empathy in designing future office experiences and fostering trust

- The importance of flexibility, visibility, and sharing personal situations in the workplace

- The challenges and responsibilities of being a leader, including setting rules and holding others accountable

- The future of the workplace and the importance of counterfactual thinking for recent graduates