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As a digital marketing professional, I spend much of my time online. The internet provides plenty of fantastic opportunities for us all, but it can also be draining. With so much noise, finding peace and time to reflect is more essential than ever before. Through inspirational conversations with key individuals, The Social Sanctuary takes a closer look at important topics across the digital space, covering everything from cyberbullying to online influencers, how to get young people into work and the importance of mental health. The Social Sanctuary provides a break from the hustle and bustle of online life, giving us all a space to discuss the matters which really matter in the hectic modern world. read less
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From Starting a Blog to Presenting on Steph's Packed Lunch and Sort Your Life Out with Mr Carrington
From Starting a Blog to Presenting on Steph's Packed Lunch and Sort Your Life Out with Mr Carrington
Iwan, known professionally as Mr Carrington, is a London based content creator and television presenter dedicated to sharing lifestyle and home content with his engaged audience. Iwan formed his online presence in 2013 and created distinct platforms on youtube and instagram that allowed him to share his passion for fashion and home renovation, including thrifty buying, a love of charity shops, upcycling and putting his own unique stamp and style on his finds.Using his rapidly growing channels, Iwan provides weekly videos, DIY tutorials, room makeovers, interior ideas and lifestyle vlogs on YouTube. Over on Instagram, he celebrates his love for men’s fashion on @MisterCarrington, encouraging followers to look great without breaking the bank. This creative approach can also be found on his second account, @MrCarringtonHome dedicated to sharing the latest in home décor trends, DIY know-how and home tips for interior style on a budget.Iwan also works as a TV presenter and consumer expert on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch, both in studio and reporting live from across the UK. He is also a home makeover guru providing cleaning tips and hacks on BBC One’s Sort Your Life Out.You can follow Iwan on his socials here: out more about The Social Sanctuary: to The Social Sanctuary: the Podcast on Instagram: @thesocialsanctuarypodcast