9 movies we hate (from Pulp Fiction to Pan's Labyrinth) and sadly Nathan's last show.

Beer n BS Show

06-06-2021 • 1 hr 44 mins

We sadly say goodbye to Nathan -  The Brother from another Mother with the 4k mind, the hoppy pants and gifted the world with the word Jovler - has decided to focus on other equally important commitments. Never say never though – he may be back when he finds he has more free time.

In this show we blind taste craft beers from Ainsty Ales (York) and talk about 9 of the worst movies we have ever seen so you don't have to watch them. We end the show with the Beer or Bullshit quiz.

Grab a drink and settle in with us to listen to the Beer n BS Show.

Ales Tasted:

  • Flummoxed Farmer by Ainsty Ales(Session Blonde) – 4.0% ABV
    Aaron rates 7.8 out of 10
  • Cool Citra by Ainsty Ales(West Coast APA) – 4.4% ABV
    Aaron rates 7.6 out of 10
  • Killa Kiwi by Ainsty Ales (New World IPA) - 5.0% ABV
    Geoff rates out 8.0 of 10
  • Ainsty Assassin by Ainsty Ales (Oatmeal Stout) - 4.9% ABV
    Nathan rates out 7.0 of 10
  • Quality Lager Beer by Faxe (Lager) - 5.0% ABV
    Geoff rates 1.5 out of 10
    Aaron rates 1.8 out of 10
    Nathan rates out 0.9 of 10
    Average score: 1.4 out of 10

Aaron's Craft Beer Suggestion:

  • McConnel's - Thornbridge Brewery - 5.0% ABV (Creamy Vanilla Stout)

    McConnel's is a creamy vanilla stout with subtle flavours of raspberry and a dark chocolate bitter finish.

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