2022 Barnard Ass Castle Awards with Special Guest Morgan.

Beer n BS Show

24-01-2022 • 1 hr 50 mins

With 2021 behind us we kick off 2022 with our second annual Barnard Ass Castle Awards.

Tune in as we give gongs out to some of our favourite beers of the year, slap some amazing people on the back and of course name our Jovler of the year as well as give the infamous Barnard Ass Castle Award to a deserving politician.

We are joined on the show by Morgan. A long time listener of the show, patron of Quirky Ales and lover of all things craft!

Will you get our ‘Beer or BS’ quiz all correct? Grab a beer, put on your headphones (we are not suitable for children – Rachel’s fault – most of the time) and enjoy the show!

Ales Tasted:

Aaron's Craft Beer Suggestion:

  • West Coast IPA by Cloudwater Brew Co. (West Coast IPA) - 6.0% ABV
    The West Coast IPA is a modern classic that changed perceptions of what beer could be, and paved the way for today's craft beer scene. Our own approach is informed by experiences working with trailblazing brewers and diving deep into their celebrated beers, so this delivers the hallmark layered bitterness and a clean, dry, resinous finish alongside punchy flavours provided by a blend of modern and classic hop varietals.

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