Episode 008 - Della Fitzgerald | Marlow Museum

Marlow Uncovered

15-03-2024 • 24 mins

Our guest today is Della Fitzgerald, whose commitment to the Marlow Museum has been instrumental in its renaissance. What began as volunteering for a local fundraiser in 2012 quickly evolved into a deep connection with the museum and its mission to showcase the town's captivating 5,000-year history.

More than just a fundraiser, Della has immersed herself in curating exhibitions, authoring insightful booklets, and organising engaging events like children's photo competitions.

Her and her colleagues dedication shines through the museum's diverse offerings, from the iconic Higginson Drum captured during the Crimean War to the intricate lace displays that pay homage to Marlow's renowned craftswomen.

With infectious enthusiasm, Della shares fascinating tales of Marlow's past, transporting visitors through centuries of evolution.

From the ancient wooden bridges to the iconic church and bridge skyline, each exhibit unlocks a rich tapestry of stories waiting to be explored.

If you or someone you know has a fascinating connection to preserving local history and culture, I'd love to have you on the show. Reach out. Email me at john.savage@marlowuncovered.com and let's explore showcasing your passion for keeping our communities' rich stories alive.

Find Marlow Museum near the Main Entrance to Court Garden Leisure Centre, Pound Lane, Marlow, SL7 2AE.

01628 485474

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