48: Big Mac by convenience!!!

Do One Thing Well with Phil Argent

19-12-2022 • 8 mins

Oh I'm sorry but my McDonalds and Big Mac facination is becoming fever pitch.

This weekend I didn't have a Big Mac, but I was tempted.

In search of a greater understanding of the McDonalds restaurant system I wanted to learn more about there approach to digital business strategy, shopping from anywhere OR omni channel, OR omni delivery, OR Omni experiance.

I read an article before I headed out, it said in summary "Omni channel increases sales" but I wanted to know just how, would this mean I'd buy 2 Big Mac's!!!!

The UK and Ireland McDonald restaurants are investing £250M (OMG!) in 2022/23 to uplevel the Omni channel experience, that's no small change.

But what will I notice, what will I see?

Will it make my Big Mac bug any bigger........

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Phil (Founder and Director of DX3.co.uk)

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