S1: Episode #3 - A beautiful symphony

Happy Distraction

13-05-2022 • 40 mins

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Welcome to Episode #3 a very musical edition of Happy Distraction. The feel-good, guilt-free, good kind of distraction. In today's show, your hosts, Dylan and Kirsty, chat about a local council that removes all daffodils from a play park to stop them from being eaten. We talk about shady companies and their recruiting practices. And for the first time ever... DAD JOKES! (Sorry in advance). There's also talk of giant crisps and an autonomous car that goes rogue and speeds away from the police.

In the Show today:
Introduction: (00:25)
Hashtag Crashtag: (03:06)
Cringe of the week: (08:52)
Kirsty Vs. Dylan: (20:44)
Say Whaaaaaat? (30:00)
Happy News: (33:53)
Goodbyes: (38:50)

Top quotes from the show:
When she's singing 'and I'm begging you for mercy' it's clearly birdseed" - Dylan.
"Err we spoke at the same time bitch" - Kirsty
"I said, WE SPOKE AT THE SAME TIME *long pause* BITCH" - Kirsty.

Hashtag Crashtag:
In #HashtagCrashtag, we scour the internet for the funniest hashtags of all time, and this time it's #MisheardSongLyrics. Do you kick your cat all over the place? Or spend most of your time chasing penguins? Have no idea what we're talking about? Tune in to find out!

Kirsty Vs. Dylan:
And... are you ready for Kirsty Vs. Dylan? The epic weekly trivia battle pitting host v host, and this week we battle it out in a musical humming game, featuring many popular songs and theme tunes. Can we guess what on earth the other person is humming?

Say Whaaaaaat?
Also, Don't miss us sharing cringey stories and other tidbits that will make you say, whaaaat? And get ready for some happy news that'll put a spring in your step, all available in one neatly wrapped episode of fun.

So take a seat, get comfy and get distracted!

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