Ep. 56 - Ida B. Writin'

Well Behaved Women

29-12-2023 • 1 hr 22 mins

It's the second act in our two-part series on Ida B. Wells.  This week, host Lauren tells us how Ida took her rage and bravery, and turned it into written action!  We explore the pamphlets Ida published and how she became the #1 Truth-Teller of the 20th Century.

We also wanted to shine a light on one of the organizations that we mentioned in our podcast - The Dock Ellis Foundation

The Dock Ellis Foundation - https://www.dockellisfoundation.com

​Dock Ellis Foundation provides underprivileged families and victims with the support and guidance they need to bring their missing loved one's home.

The Dock Ellis Foundation responds to each report of a missing person with an investigation, awareness campaign, search, placement and advocacy at no charge to families. Our work offers reassurance and hope for those reporting missing person cases that their case will receive an adequate response. We give peace of mind to a community that is otherwise neglected when lives are most at stake. We respond to those missing a loved one with the seriousness that situation always deserves.


They are absolutely incredible and provide an incredibly needed resource, especially for missing black women and their families! If you are interested in supporting this amazing foundation, you can learn more at dockellisfoundation.com, where you can also donate if you wish! #BringThemHome #dockellisfoundation
Image Credits:  "MISS Ida Wells-Barnett Image from page 73 of "The story of the Illinois Federation of Colored Women's Clubs" (1922)" Sourced from Wikimedia Commons   Link: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4b/MISS_Ida_Wells-Barnett_Image_from_page_73_of_%22The_story_of_the_Illinois_Federation_of_Colored_Women%27s_Clubs%22_%281922%29.jpg