Building a Comprehensive Health Cover: Basic Policy, Super Top-Up, and Critical Illness

Prime Podcast by PrimeInvestor

14-09-2023 • 36 mins

In this eighth episode of our Prime Podcast, hosts Pavithra Jaivant and Bhavana Acharya (co-founder of ⁠PrimeInvestor⁠) dive into recent financial news, including market trends and significant corporate developments like TCS's $1 billion deal with Jaguar Land Rover and ITC's substantial investments in Madhya Pradesh. The hosts then shift their focus to essential aspects of health insurance, providing insights into policy features, super top-up policies, and critical illness covers.

They emphasize the importance of comprehensive health coverage and offer practical tips for selecting the right insurance amount, equipping listeners with valuable knowledge to safeguard their financial well-being.

Key segments in the podcast discussion:

1. Market Highlights: Uncover recent financial news and insights into India's GDP growth.

2. Corporate Buzz: Stay in the know with TCS's $1 billion deal and ITC's investments.

3. Health Insurance Essentials: Secure your financial future with expert health insurance advice.

4. Policy Features: Discover crucial elements when choosing the right health policy.

5. Super Top-up Insights: Optimize your financial safety net with super top-up policies.

6. Critical Illness Covers: Protect yourself with critical illness coverage.

7. Coverage Amount Tips: Find the perfect coverage amount for peace of mind.

8. Financial Well-being: Gain essential knowledge for informed financial decisions.

PrimeInvestor Health Insurance Recommendations

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