Healing anxiety and unlocking inner peace – with Wolf Castillo

Untethered with Jen Liss

28-11-2023 • 52 mins

Ever found yourself trapped in a whirlwind of anxiety and depression, feeling helpless and drained?

Join me as I speak with Wolf Castillo, a trauma-informed breathworker and relationship coach who shares his struggle of reclaiming inner peace in the midst of turbulence and the power of breathwork in overcoming it. We journey through regulating our nervous systems, the dangers of not living authentically, and the transformative impact of coaching and breathwork.

Wolf’s journey of self-discovery and self-development offers hope for many of us still grappling with our inner struggles. He illustrates the dangers of living on autopilot, numbing ourselves to avoid pain, and how it ultimately leads to a lack of aliveness. The conversation takes a refreshing turn as we share our experiences with his "Cold Experiment" and how cold plunging aligns with his mission of helping others regulate their nervous systems and experience full aliveness.

We then pivot to the complex world of relationships and dating. Drawing on his personal experiences and lessons, Wolf sheds light on the importance of living authentically and honoring one's own truth. Finally, we both encourage you to tap into your inner truth so you can shine your unique light .

Tune in, as together, we navigate these topics, reminding ourselves and our listeners that the magic resides within us all.

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