Season 7 Trailer

Life on the Line

15-05-2023 • 2 mins

Welcome to Season 7 of LIFE ON THE LINE, Australia's first and leading veterans podcast, from Thistle Productions.

In our 7th year, after 6 seasons, 2 miniseries, 261 podcasts, 17 video episodes, 188 veterans and over 1.7 million downloads, Life on the Line is back. We now present Season 7. Our ongoing mission is to track down Australian military veterans and record their stories, from World War II to the 21st century. The vision of Life on the Line continues to be to capture the raw human stories behind the broader brushstrokes of history, and to explore service: why people serve, and how a life of service changes them. From acts of valour to the trauma of conflict, and how veterans can grow and change from that trauma. This podcast seeks to discover the human side of war, the truth of battle scars and what it’s really like to put one’s life on the line.

This season, we will bring you conversations with servicemen and servicewoman of all ranks from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces, who have been on peacekeeping deployments, and seen action in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. On Tuesday May 23rd, check out your preferred podcast app, YouTube or our website for our first episode, with a veteran of the Vietnam War who was decorated for outstanding gallantry on the battlefield. We'll release a new episode every fortnight.

Our website is Find us on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook @lifeonthelinepodcast, on Twitter @LOTLpod and on LinkedIn @ThistleProductions. Life on the Line is brought to you by Thistle Productions. Artwork by Big Cat Design. Music by Dan Van Werkhoven. Thank you for listening and Lest We Forget.

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