The Brief Ep 08: Balancing B2B – how to weather the storm whilst building a foundation for growth

The Brief

22-02-2024 • 29 mins

The ever-changing tides of B2B have left brands siloed, board rooms nervous, and marketers struggling to balance the short and long term. However, amongst the challenges lay plenty of opportunity for change.

In this episode, Ellis Bird is joined by Greg Aris and Colin Gray for an honest conversation on the priorities and pitfalls of B2B marketing. From closing the historical sales and marketing gap, to building reputation and breaking down siloes and everything in between.

What we cover in this episode:

  • What shifts have we seen in the world of B2B?
  • Why customer experience is overtaking purpose
  • Building a culture of reinvention
  • The importance of balance and connecting the dots
  • Surviving the immediate storm whilst building a foundation for future growth
  • Why it’s time for B2B marketers to stop the ‘rinse and repeat’
  • What’s your story and is it breaking down or creating siloes?
  • The emergence of the B2B ecosystem
  • The role of reputation

About the speakers:

Greg Aris, managing partner, heads up the B2B practice within McCann Central, where he is currently working with clients on a range of projects from redefining product architecture, creating business model propositions and reputation rebuilds for a range of clients.

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Colin Gray, Managing Partner Strategy, is a hugely experienced strategic marketing professional and LinkedIn Top Voice. He has diverse experience spanning client-side, creative and media agency roles, which enables joined-up thinking and means B2B decision makers are firmly at the heart of the solution.

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