Naomi Dattani | Finding The Courage To Trust The Process

The Inside Edge

31-01-2021 • 48 mins

The first episode of season 2 is with professional cricketer Naomi Dattani. Naomi is the captain of Middlesex in the UK, has played and won the KIA superleague with the Western Storm and is contracted with the London Spirit in The Hundred.  We first met in Perth when she was playing grade cricket for MGCC and I was immediately struck by how incrediblly hard she worked, especially for someone relatively young and having not had the privilege of growing up in a professional environment. She has had many battles, but as you'll learn, each one has inspired her to keep working hard and developing her mindset to eventually achieve her dream of being a fully professional sportswoman, when so many people around her were telling her to give up and get a real job.