Elyse Villani | Owning Who You Are and How You Play

The Inside Edge

17-10-2020 • 50 mins

Topics Discussed
Dealing with limited prep and COVID lockdowns leading into WBBL
Trying to find the balance between being attacking and reckless
Dealing with being in and out of form
Comparing herself to others and falling in to the trap of searching for answers external to her
How Junior moved through the 3 stages of the Heroes journey to find fulfillment
Advice received from Rachel Haynes to help deal with being dropped over and over again
The common traits in the best team cultures
What makes her coach Dulip Samaraweera so good
Managing being in a cricket bubble when personal performances aren't going well
The pressure Junior put on herself during WBB05 by looking too far ahead
Dealing with missing out on the squad for the T20 world cup at her home ground
How she is managing her mind and planning for the upcoming WBBL