Drewe Broughton | The Fear Coach on finding courage, letting go and trust

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22-09-2020 • 1 hr 2 mins

Drewe Broughton is a former professional footballer and now a performance coach. As a young man, he was exceptionally talented, representing England U20s alongside a golden generation. He had a deep drive to succeed, however, an inability to control this desire and fall into the trap of the fear led to a continuous rollercoaster, jumping to 22 different clubs in 17 years and eventually ending up alone -  bankrupt, suffering from addiction and contemplating life. As always, the lessons learned from suffering can provide us with the power to really impact the lives of others, and Drewe has certainly been able to do that. He is now a performance coach, working with Premier League Footballers, elite golfers and business leaders to help them navigate performing at their edge while in the arena. He is also a husband and father that really does live the same pearls of wisdom he shares with his clients. Reading his book and following his work has had a deep impact on my journey so far and  I'm sure you will get a lot out of tuning in.

Topics discussed

  • What caused Drewe to go from 25 goals/season to less than 10 even though he was doing more and in more professional environments
  • Hard work is not a given. What it really means to work hard.
  • How the gift of work ethic can lead to the curse of perfectionism. Where the line is and how push yourself without crossing that line.
  • The missing component of coaching qualifications
  • Why Drewe had a significantly different career path to Cristiano Ronaldo despite having the same work ethic and starting out as a talented player
  • The one thing Kobe Bryant, The All Blacks, Cathy Freeman and many more have in common
  • Tools used by Drewe to help the best athletes in the world overcome fear
  • How spirituality simply means being more of yourself and trusting in something bigger than yourself
  • The search leading Drewe to addiction, severe depression and loss of self

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