Meg Lanning | Leading with empathy, courage and instinct

The Inside Edge

25-07-2021 • 55 mins

Season 3 kicks off with the captain of the Australian Cricket team and one of the best batters of all time, Meg Lanning. 5 world cups, 3 Belinda Clark medals, 3 domestic titles & 16 international hundreds and so many more achievements.  She is clearly very talented, however, in this podcast we dive deep into how she has sustained such a high level of performance over a long period - without losing a sense of who she is. Empathy, Instinct, Trust & Growth are common topics both on and off the field, all crucial when living from the inside out. For Meg, It's not about over-training, living up to the expectations of others, or even trying to be the best in the world. It's about trust, channeling her natural drive to discipline, and winning the game for the team, knowing that it's the process of going after a goal that brings that deep satisfaction. If you do get something out of this podcast, I'd love it if you can pass it on and keep the conversation going.  Thanks for tuning in, I hope you enjoy it.