Jodie Hawkins | Building successful teams through inclusion and social impact

The Inside Edge

15-03-2021 • 43 mins

Welcome to this episode of the IEP with Jodie Hawkins. Jodie is currently the General Manager of the Sydney Sixers and has been part of the team that has helped the club been one of the most successful in WBBL and BBL history. The reason I wanted to get her on is that the culture built at the sixers is one that prioritizes giving back - whether it's pride rounds or supporting cancer patients, Jodie has helped build a brand that clearly prioritises building a legacy beyond the cricket pitch, a big difference to the traditional model that is based on sponsorship deals with companies with big platforms, paying big money. The sixers also prioritize good characters in their recruitment, seeing the human before the athlete has helped unlock performance both on and off the field.

A lot of what we talk about in the performance space is about shifting perspective.  Shifting away from finding purpose in being individually successful, to finding purpose in helping others. It's also about making sure we don't get caught up in the crazy world of professional sport and maintain our perspective on what is really important.

Topics Discussed

The importance of social impact in creating a successful sports business
How to get the best out of people through allowing them to be authentic and create a feeling of belonging
How the Sixers go about recruitment by prioritizing character traits
The importance of values and how the Sixers go about developing them to actually have an impact
What makes Greg Shepperd one of the most successful coaches in T20 cricket
How to go about delisting players
he growth of the WBBL and how the Sixers have learnt from mistakes made early in the competition
How Jodie deals with failure as someone who is extremely passionate
How standing still is dangerous