The Salonology Show


We're Hollie and Ryan Power and welcome to The Salonology Show! This salon-flavoured podcast is all about marketing, mindset and motivation with a handful of inspiration, fun and positive energy throughout. Let’s check you’re in the right place! This podcast is for salon owners whether that be mobile salons, at home salons, solopreneurs, those with big or small teams, whether offering hair, beauty spa or clinical services - this is the space for you. We're an award winning salon coaching brand and we love helping salon owners. We owned a very successful salon ourselves for over 10 years which we sold in January 2020, and now we work really hard to support salon owners across the UK to not just be more successful in business, but also to find freedom in business like we did. Alongside episodes with us two, this podcast will also feature a hand picked guest from the salon industry to inspire you, someone we think you'll love listening to as much as we love interviewing them. This will not be a stuffy, serious, business podcast like you might be used to, as that is just not our jam. We're all about the fun, the high energy, and helping the salon industry be amazing in every possible way. Make sure you join our Facebook Community, called "Salonology Superstars" to connect with us, other salon owners and and ask us any questions you'd like to hear answered on the podcast. We're so excited about this podcast, we are literally jumping around the house. We have so much amazing stuff to bring you and we can't wait to see you on our first full episode coming soon! Learn more: read less