How to Win Awards & Our Ultimate Interview Questions with Hollie and Ryan Power #27

The Salonology Show

20-09-2021 • 39 mins

If you’ve listened to recent episodes of The Salonology Show, you’ll have perhaps built up the confidence to make your first hire - what perfect time for Simone’s question this week on the vital questions you should ask at every interview!

We’re loving the questions this week that have us musing on the work behind winning awards (and picking the right ones to enter), what brings us joy in our business and personal lives, and what the future holds for clean, green beauty....

Slight spoiler alert here, but green beauty is going to play a massive part at the Olympia Beauty event which is just 2 weeks away! We’ll be there hosting the Salon & Spa Owners’ Club, so go and register NOW before tickets run out...

This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • The top questions you should ask every interview candidate
  • How to win awards, and whether they’re worth the cost
  • Clean, green beauty’s future
  • What brings us most joy in life, and in business

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