The Ultimate Guide to Salon Success in 2022 (Part 2) with Hollie and Ryan Power #35

The Salonology Show

10-01-2022 • 28 mins

Welcome to 2022, and to the finale to our two-part master plan to set your sights & seize every opportunity that the coming year will bring!

If you didn’t catch episode 34 of The Salonology Show, you’ll want to go back for our top tips to help define your goals for 2022 - because this week we’re talking about converting goals into gameplans…

Discover the power of laying out your plans in best & worst case scenarios, how to turn targets into timelines with definitive deadlines, when to squeeze your renovations in, and why you NEED to put your prices up if you haven’t already!

This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • Taking control with ‘Gold, Silver & Bronze’ plans for the year
  • Setting timelines to get off of ‘Someday Isle’
  • When & how you should declutter your menu
  • Booking time to refresh and renovate your salon
  • Why you NEED to put your prices up this year!

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