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Return of the Prodigal ‘Sam’: Piette’s Journey Back to Montreal

Footy Talks with Steven Caldwell

11-05-2020 • 54 mins

Stevie talks to the Montreal Impact and Team Canada midfielder about the teenage transatlantic journey - through three European Leagues - that finally brought him back to the MLS, as the hometown hero at his boyhood club.

Episode Notes: From thepeace and quiet of his Quebec cabin, and with the MLS season on hold, Sam chats with Stevie about a life in football.

At aged 14, how connections at provincial level gave Piette the opportunity to play in France, and the mental and emotional demands of growing up fast, away from family and friends.

In the Bundesliga at 17, what it meant to finally get minutes on the field as a professional player, despite already being involved for years at international level.

The challenges of two radically different seasons in Spain; one in LaLiga - the best division in the world - and another in the third tier playing alongside semi-professional teammates.

Becoming a household name back home after the 2017 Concacaf Gold Cup, and how he couldn’t say no when the Impact came calling.

Stevie and Sam discuss the influence and belief of manager Mauro Beillo, and what the future holds playing under Thierry Henry and John Herdman.

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