S4E11 Ivory Horizon - Adventure Tournament Pt. 2

Guaranteed Adventures

15-04-2024 • 1 hr 2 mins

The Grand Ole Adventure Tournament begins! Will the Tusks come out strong on Day 1, or fall behind? Merrick and Rhys take on the first event: Hide and Seek.

Ivory Horizon uses Fate: Accelerated Edition by Evil Hat Productions



Seth Guthrie as the GM

Zach Lee as Merric Rockrender, smallfolk mason's apprentice

Tim Gallegos as Rhys Melosun, gnome mystic musician

Nathan Kuipers as Sydrick "Sid" Valenor, dwelf archaeologist and inventor

Kyle Bateman as Purk Hyordgem, barbarian chef

Seth Kleinwort as Adrian "The Tuskborne", seasoned adventurer



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Irish - Music by Sergii Pavkin from Pixabay

Short Action - Music by John Yasut from Pixabay

Starforged Space from Tabletop Audio

Tavern Celebration from Tabletop Audio

Sand Raiders from Tabletop Audio

Arabesque from Tabletop Audio

Witch Mountain from Tabletop Audio

The Wild Hunt from Tabletop Audio

Echo of Antiquity - Music by Sergii Pavkin from Pixabay

Epic Hollywood Trailer - Music by Zakhar Valaha from Pixabay

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