How Sofia started a non-profit community along with her career in venture capital

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30-01-2023 • 57 mins

Sophia Haq is the founder and CEO at Muslim Women Professionals (abbreviated MWP) - a non-profit that promotes the empowerment of Muslim women globally. Here, she is building a community where diverse women can embrace their Muslim identity and build professional skills through mentorship, networking, and guidance.

That's not all. She's also the Senior Program Manager at XRC Labs - venture capital firm and accelerator. Here she builds curriculum, spearheads community development, maintains relationships with the portfolio companies, and many other things.

So, you can see how Sophia lives and breathes community.

We talk about:

  • 00:00 How Sofia's childhood experiences affect her knack for community building
  • 08:16 Running a Non-profit vs Running a For-profit
  • 13:38 What gets her going when work gets exhausting
  • 25:58 How do you start a non-profit
  • 27:43 Getting a role at XRC by abandoning 10-year plan
  • 35:27 How to get mentors when you have nothing to give in return
  • 39:59 Day-to-day job as Senior Program Manager @ XRC
  • 43:31 Biggest challenge working at XRC
  • 53:09 Rapid fire round

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Links and Resources:

Sofia’s LinkedIn -

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