My pick for “the best” email marketing tool

Sidekick COO

05-01-2023 • 12 mins

No, it's not ActiveCampaign. It's not MailChimp. It's not even ConvertKit.

It's the one for your specific situation! Let's dive into how to avoid buggy software, dodge overly-complex money wasters, and discover the real tool that's going to work for your situation.

00:00 Introduction
00:23 What people further ahead are doing
01:09 When you're first starting out
01:25 If you have a clear process, step-by-step plan, and funding
02:16 For the solopreneurs and small business owners
03:04 How techy are you? Here's what to look for!
03:37 Some essential features
03:56 What a good basic email marketing tool looks like
04:20 WARNING about ActiveCampaign!!
05:29 Why you should avoid all-in-ones
06:11 A few recommendations for simple tools
06:45 Advanced applications of email marketing tools
08:22 Why you should avoid switching
08:49 What to do when you notice a function is missing
09:55 When to go to tech support
10:26 The consequences of switching platforms
12:04 Wrap-up

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