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Going Crazy Meta With ChatGPT 4.0
Going Crazy Meta With ChatGPT 4.0
Making an amazing prompt for ChatGPT is tough because it's hard to know where to start. But what if there was a simple trick? A trick you can just copy/paste giving it just the roughest idea of what you want, and have ChatGPT create the perfect prompt for you? 00:00 Introduction 01:00 The value of ChatGPT in generating content and research. 02:00 Introduction to Merlin, a Chrome extension to help with replying to texts. 04:00 Using ChatGPT for research, even though its knowledge is limited to September 2021. 05:00 Using prompt-based tools to improve interaction with ChatGPT. 07:00 Creating a custom prompt for finding the best project management tool. 09:00 ChatGPT recommends Trello for a one-person virtual assistant business. 11:00 Adjusting the prompt to include a budget constraint. 12:00 ChatGPT recommends Toggle Plan when given a budget of up to $50 per month. Merlin: The Prompt Template Act as a prompt generator expert for ChatGPT. You will engineer the perfect custom prompt for me to use to [THING YOU NEED IT TO DO]. To do that, please ask a series of targeted questions one at a time. You will use the answer to each question to guide subsequent questions, refining the information you gather to ultimately generate a comprehensive and effective prompt that will yield the most useful and relevant response from ChatGPT. Consider the key elements of a good prompt, such as context and detail, to optimize the final product. Place any variables in square brackets.