How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

Sidekick COO

01-12-2022 • 15 mins

How do I get out of my own way and let my support handle things without me? There are many reasons someone might struggle with this, from communication issues to staffing issues to just plain old control issues. We're going to dive into ALL of it, and chart a path to being able to happily delegate tasks with confidence!

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:58 Get really clear on expectations
  • 02:05 How to create a process for clear communication of tasks
  • 03:18 Delegate outcomes rather than tasks
  • 04:21 How to build a process designed around outcomes
  • 05:15 For the micro-managers! Weigh the cost/benefit
  • 05:55 Questions to discover where the real problem is
  • 07:38 What if their work is poor quality?
  • 07:56 Shifting out of micro-management mode and into a more productive process
  • 09:11 What if you're missing information?
  • 10:00 Structured check-ins
  • 11:00 Dealing with repeated questions
  • 13:56 Summary of all the steps