Data Access within the Financial State in America with Trish North

Counting Change

6d ago • 35 mins

In this insightful episode, Trish North, an experienced professional in fintech and financial institutions, discusses the changing landscape of customer success and data analytics. Trish provides a unique 360-degree perspective on the industry, drawing from her rich experience in various roles spanning traditional banking, credit unions, digital banking, and fintech.

Trish converses with hosts Arjun and Rachel about the evolution of customer success from its early stages to its pivotal role today. She also talks about the challenges and opportunities presented by digitized data and the need for financial institutions to adapt to modernization.

During the discussion, Trish highlights the importance of trust in the digital age and examines the trustworthiness of digitized data in comparison to traditional paper trails. She also elaborates on the complexities of accessing and utilizing data within financial institutions, such as legacy systems and data silos.

Trish offers valuable insights for fintechs looking to forge partnerships with financial institutions. She emphasizes the importance of open communication, collaboration, and adaptability, outlining the key ingredients for fostering healthy relationships between fintechs and FIs.

Listeners are provided with engaging anecdotes and practical advice as Trish shares her strategies for navigating the dynamic fintech landscape and driving impactful customer success initiatives. Whether you're a fintech entrepreneur, banking professional, or simply curious about the intersection of technology and finance, this episode offers valuable perspectives and actionable insights for navigating the evolving fintech ecosystem.