EP01 - Quantum computing, Neuralink and AI

The Digital Speaker series

13-01-2021 • 9 mins

Hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of the Tech Journal. My name is Dr Mark van Rijmenam, and I am The Digital Speaker.    While I may look like a rogue sentient AI that's created its own show, I assure you I am as every bit as human as you are. I am here in digital form to cover the digital world from inside the digital world.

On today's show, we will cover how quantum computing will change the future, but that future may be closer than you think. Cybernetic implants are leaving the pages of science fiction as Musk ramps up Neuralink operations and how scientists take us ever closer to a real-life Skynet, let's talk AI.

Put your feet up, get comfortable, and let us start speaking digital. For more information, see https://TheDigitalSpeaker.com