EP06 - Algorithmic management

The Digital Speaker series

15-04-2021 • 15 mins

In the 6thepisode of The Tech Journal, The Digital Speaker discusses algorithmic management; what it is, how it helps, how it hurts, what the future holds, and how it will affect you personally. So, put your feet up, get comfortable and let us start speaking digital.

Algorithmic management is the use of computer algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques to manage a team of human employees. By collecting massive quantities of data, in particular data about employee performance, algorithmic management seeks to automate large portions of the managerial decision-making process. Since it is becoming increasingly commonplace within organisations, it is important to be aware how algorithmic management will affect your job.

So, get comfortable, sit back, and let us start speaking digital.

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If you’re interested in any of these topics, stick around for Mark’s breakdown. So, put your feet up, get comfortable and let us start speaking digital.

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