EP 78: What is “New Retail”? 2024 Brick & Mortar Retail Trends with Cathy Parks

Instant X-Pertise: Marketing

02-12-2023 • 32 mins

What is “new retail”? Sell to Stores retail expert Cathy Parks shares her newest retail trends and insights based on her latest sales visits with national retail buyers. Listen in to discover the answers to these questions:

  • What old trends are new again?
  • How can manufacturers entice today’s brick & mortar retailer buyers?
  • Store brands are growing, so how is that impacting the retail mix?
  • How has Black Friday evolved?
  • What categories are doing well so far this year, and which are soft?
  • Are store-in-a-store concepts performing?
  • What’s happening with malls?
  • Who are the new hot brick & mortar retailers?

Join Sell to Store Expert Cathy Parks in this interview with Yvette Brown and Shari Nomady as they discuss what’s happening at retail now, and what buyers are looking for in 2024 and beyond.

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