To Catch An Outlaw… There Has To Be One?

Flipside History Podcast

02-08-2020 • 48 mins

WooHoo!!! Welcome to Episode 3 of Flipside, where some sort of miracle seems to have occurred as you guys are actually partaking of this tiny wee podcasting adventure. In this episode we get lost in the forest but not just any old forest... no sir, the intimidating in size Sherwood... why you may ask, well, we are hunting down that most merry of outlaws, Robin Hood and by implication his merry band of Merry Men! Catch the last bonus episode if you want to wonder whether the Robin we see in the media is actually close to the real thing, if there was a real thing... which is what this episode tries to find out! In short, last episode equals media Robin Hood hero and heartthrob, this episode historical Robin Hood, Hode, Robbehod, outlaw and potential murderer!!! The format includes a Tangent Time and Trench Talk so try not to get lost! Thanks for giving this a go, if you like the episode please spare a second to rate and subscribe... On that note, this podcast is in its infancy, there are bound to be teething troubles, if you promise not to discount 'Flipside', your host promises to keep on bettering the show.
Stay safe and best wishes guys,
The Anonymous Archaeologist

Music Credit: 'Fantasia Fantasia' - K. MacLeod ( License - Creative Commons.
Sound Effect Credits: All from License - Creative Commons. Fire (luffy), Digging (YemiMoses), Excavator (straget), Forest (klankbeeld).
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