19. Alison, Rehema & Tenji – we’re best friends who started a career support group just for us

Abundant Leaders with Tenji Moyana

19-10-2023 • 1 hr 3 mins

In the second Real Talk episode, I’m joined by my girls Alison Cohen and Rehema Kutua. We’re best friends from college with a standing monthly date to coach each other on our businesses and careers. It’s lonely at the top and entrepreneurs and leaders feel it significantly. Fewer people check in on you, offer you honest developmental feedback, invite you to informally socialise at work or feel comfortable creating space for you to be vulnerable.

Alison, Rehema and I wanted to avoid this so we created a structure that could hold us in safety where we could ask for help, share our struggles and support each other in a challenging, lonely role. Welcome to our career coaching circle. I hope you feel inspired to create one of your own.

Topics discussed:

* Why Rehema and Alison said YES to starting our coaching circle

* What we’ve each gotten out of it

* How the circle has helped us grow and heal in unexpected ways

* What’s helped our support group to be successful

* Advice for how you can start your own

Learn more about Alison, Rehema and ConnectWellEd

The Real Talk series is a regular segment where I’m chatting casually with my friends about our on the ground career and leadership experiences. I hope these relatable conversations inspire you to have chats of your own with friends that you trust about what’s going on at work.


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