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What happens when a diagnosis changes everything? One afternoon, Helena Merriman walked into a doctor's surgery and was given a shock diagnosis. In this series, she interviews people who – like her-were changed by a diagnosis. Told through an immersive sound design, this intimate series shines a light on misunderstood conditions, asking how we cope when our bodies and our minds no longer behave as we want them to.

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Season 2

5. Tilly
5. Tilly
On changing her relationship with her body. From the outside, Tilly seems to have life figured out. She works in fashion, lives on a house-boat - for which she’s done all the plumbing and electrics. But inside, she’s struggling. She’s always felt wrong in her body - ever since school. Then one afternoon, Tilly sits down with a therapist - who fits the pieces of the puzzle together and gives Tilly a diagnosis. Tilly’s diagnosis explains the way her brain is wired - now her challenge is to re-wire it, and change her future. In Room 5, Helena Merriman shares stories of real-life medical mysteries, interviewing people who - like her - were changed by a diagnosis. Written, presented and produced by Helena Merriman Composer: Jeremy Warmsley Sound Design: Eloise Whitmore Production Co-ordinator: Janet Staples Researcher: May Cameron Editor: Emma Rippon #Room5 End song: Miffed by Tom RosenthalInformation and support on issues relating to this episode: Body Dysmorphic Disorder The BDD Foundation provides information, resources and support to those suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. disorders health distress

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