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Kris Petersen - Nature does not end here on earth
Kris Petersen - Nature does not end here on earth
We had a number of technical challenges with this episode and unfortunately lost about 10min of the recording. I hope it didn't detract too much. Eden Trails  ....&....  Facebook Kris KinosisAlternative schooling at Rudolf Steiner. Leaving school at 16 he has followed a different path to many. He was able to reconnect to Nature as a young man. How caring for his autistic brother led him to be able to help others with mental health challenges. Story telling, therapeutic and holistic crafts. He became interested and continues to learn about the parallels between Native American and Celtic shamanism. The interconnection of all things. The Scottish Caledonian mountains were once part of the Appalachian mountains in North America so the land is the same. The original teachings of Shamanism are lost and we only have fragments. Their spirituality was based on Natural Law and Animism, where every natural thing is living (animate or inanimate) and a rock or a mountain is a “being”. Nature has a sentience far beyond our own.Druids whole system was based on oral teaching and the only records we have are from Romans which contained much propaganda. The documentary The Last Druid gives good insights. Druids were told to integrate within the Church and new society. We see this integration in church buildings. Even the Celtic Church word Kerk, the root of that word means Circle and the churches were circular.  Unlike the square or rectangular Catholic  church.Celtic cross was the symbol was integral to Druids and is the symbol of the Celtic Cross (Crighton E Miller)Nature does not end here on earth.Trees were central to Druid (Scots - Oak Knower) or (Irish - Red God)Yew tree was sacred and grow for thousands of years and can regenerateStone carvings of foliage personifies the landscape and may represent part of the Druid history. Around the 11th century The Green Man started to emerge in European Cathedrals & Chapels.Pagan revival in 1940sContact: Instagram FacebookProducer Matthew Wood - mw250204@gmail.comMusic by MarkJuly from Pixabay
Tone Tellefsen Hughes - Connecting to Nature, Others and Self
Tone Tellefsen Hughes - Connecting to Nature, Others and Self
Instagram #1000Outside   FacebookThe Green Hub Project for Teens - Volunteering – Learning - ConnectingTone a chiropractor of 32 years experience. Taught under and post graduate paediatric chiropractic many years. Runs a multi-disciplinary practice in Godalming, Surrey, UK. She sees her role as clinic owner as allowing staff and associates to bud , grow and flower individually. Rather than insisting that they follow her model of practice. A healer connects people to themselves, allowing to recognise their own bodies. She operates from an intuitive level using the idea of "Physiological Consent" when the patients "system is open".  Interoception means sensing internal signals from your body. Listening to your body's signals. Loves lighting fires in others.Chiropractic helps you re-connect to yourself and allows you to Find your Genius.Along with a team of dedicated volunteers, she has helped turn the walled garden behind her practice into an oasis of calm and healing. Where first staff could take time out. This transitioned into providing a safe space for Teens with anxiety and other mental health challenges to come and garden. Now with Registered Charity status, The Green Hub Project for Teens allows them to connect with Nature, themselves and others. The combination of the healing elements of bacteria in the soil, volatile chemical compounds from the plants, repeated patterns in nature, the wavelengths of green, movement and volunteering all produce a calm brain, increased motivation and enhanced immune function. With participants scoring notable improvements in wellbeing after taking part. With both short and long term mental health benefits. Tips:L Bring nature to you,m grow something. Sit outside in a park. Look on Facebook community boards, to join or volunteer in Community Garden Projects.Contact: Instagram FacebookProducer Matthew Wood - mw250204@gmail.comMusic by MarkJuly from Pixabay
Charlie Moult - A Breathwork Healing Journey
Charlie Moult - A Breathwork Healing Journey
Source Breathwork me, Loving you - Day Retreat in London- 4 June and 21 October.Spotify playlist for breathing practice Breathwork and Chiropractic work in similar ways, to bring the body into a place of safety, remove resistance to life force, profoundly affect our emotional state and connect us to source energy. She believes that in deepening the relationship we have to our body and breath, we hold the keys to healing and transformation. Ayahuasca experience in Mexico (Arkana with Shipibo tribe changed) had a rebirth experience and gained a deeper understanding that has changed her life, BW practice and how she wants to help people. It has been difficult to integrate back into normal life and not have an ego about her special experience.Her own life changing experiences through this work  has seen her life and practice continually evolve. Now started singing more (makes her joyful), doing movement work and grounding (being in your body, calm and steady - staying in the light/joyful things). The plant medicine is still evident and still speaks to her. Chiropractic Subluxation: 3 different resistance (mental/emotional, physical or spiritual) to life force (express and experience of life). Our body is a map of our life experiences, stored trauma is both in the body and the nervous system.Charlie prefers private one-to-one basis and these usually take longer. Group settings are varied depending on audience and the group experience can magnify the experience. The group can help people feel comfortable and safe. Richer experiences have more joy and synergy and she appreciates her friends more. Altered states of consciousness can be attained with BW without taking plant medicines. You need to feel safe and looked after, by those guiding you and for integration after journey. Mindset in any of these experiences is very important.Consistency with a Daily Breath practice, calms the nervous system and allows you to feel safe and experience more joy.  Connect and Ascend with Destiny and Tim 23-24 June in KentContact: Instagram FacebookProducer Matthew Wood - mw250204@gmail.comMusic by MarkJuly from Pixabay
Nicole Dawson Cullinan - Wisdom in the Weeds
Nicole Dawson Cullinan - Wisdom in the Weeds Download the free Smart immunity ebook, Social media @wellnessplaceintNature disconnection comes with living and working in artificial environments, chronic stress and illness. Uprooting= new culture, language, weather shifted away from practices, to family supporterGetting a dog got her out of the house and into Nature everyday. Noticed plants but very few wild spaces. Nature immersion was her default. Realised the many people don’t know or recognise common plants. People are distracted when outdoors, a plant blindness is from conditioning, unable to identify plants. Forest bathing, tree hugging has an effect on your nervous system. A multi-dimensional sensory experience. Unknown in Nature is not scary but exciting. The scent of the forest contain volatile compounds that have a positive effects on our immune systems, even 1 month afterwards. 20 mins daily in the green or blue of meaningful contact (immersion/undistracted/soft fascination) - 2 hours per week greater health and wellbeing. Parents, let your kids engage, play and be fascinated by nature, let them get dirty. Many people have a reserve or are scared of plants. Observing plants through the seasons breeds confidence and slowly learn the names and their uses. She recognized the actual plants and herbs she had been prescribing in her Homoeopathy practice, and reawakened her craft. RHS encourages biodiversity in our gardens. Chelsea flower show want 30% of the exhibitions to have weeds. External world mirrors our internal world (microbiome) is an ecosystem that feeds off the food we eat. If diet is unvaried then gut dysfunction and autoimmune issues appear. Monoculture environments whether in a forest or field are mostly sterile.Reconnection with Nature is essential for health in our external and internal ecosystems. Pillars of health/wellness: Food, Exercise/movement, Sleep/rest, Nature time and Community. A dog will force you to get outdoors. Become aware of our Interspecies community: Humans, Animals and Plants. The more you look at Nature the more you see the wisdom in weeds: food, medicine and beauty. Heartsease - violetContact: Instagram FacebookProducer Matthew Wood - mw250204@gmail.comMusic by MarkJuly from Pixabay
Don Clum- Reboot Your Health, Fast!
Don Clum- Reboot Your Health, Fast! Day 19 through a 30 day water fast. Emphasis is on hormones especially Insulin. Start 2 weeks before by decreasing high oxalate foods and fibre in diet and spices. Get off coffee before. Gets easier, the deeper you get in. Fatigue and cold is linked to detox reactions and carb addiction behaviour. Your energy and alertness  goes up by 15%. Primal genes kick in within 3-5 hours. B NTF and other hormones come out to play. When insulin goes down, HGF goes up 300%. Longer than 7 days needs to be supported & customised. Fasting is not starvation or an eating disorder. Our genome was built with fasting built in. It expects us to FAST! And when we don't, things start to break down. Motivation and drive increases. Build your capacity using internal rewards to boost dopamine but external rewards have a negative effect. As external reward drops we get hyper focused with one thing (eg porn). When we set our own achievements it can go on indefinitely. You don’t lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight. You can lower your blood glucose number without getting healthy. Tape test: measure 1 inch around above navel 35+ inches women, 40+men = metabolic syndrome. 33-35 (Men 38-40)insulin resistance risk. Insulin decides whether you burn or store energy.  When it's always on the scene, fat is stuck and you have to burn sugar.  Liquid sugar- Fructose (HFCS) causes fatty liver. Our addiction pathway for fructose makes us hungrier and can’t get full. In summer, fruit is plentiful, the body wants to over-eat & put on fat for winter. Liver fat is normal as it prepares us to do something, but we don't. These mechanisms came before fire and we’d use these stores to heat us in winter. Insulin Friendly, not calories. Drop sugar. Start with 3 meals per day, no snacking. Time restricted eating doesn't change what you eat. High insulin= any food in powder form (eg flour). Body interprets food particle size (powder/ liquid =bad). 30g protein powder raises insulin 700x more than sugar does. 30g of chicken will not. K cells in the upper gut controls 70% of Insulin response. Eat real foods, 3 meals per day first, no snax, after 1-2 month then try the more advanced things.Contact: Instagram FacebookProducer Matthew Wood - mw250204@gmail.comMusic by MarkJuly from Pixabay
Max Jacobs - The Antidote to Nature Destruction
Max Jacobs - The Antidote to Nature Destruction
“Connect and Ascend” event with Destiny and Tim A Jewish born American, now a Buddhist living in Portugal.  His father was a liberal psychology professor and he grew up with access to interesting books and people to talk to. First intro to Buddhism was a book, “Importance of Living” which was critical about it & that it was all about suffering, so he wasn’t  interested. But he remained interested in Eastern Philosophy (Taoism, Chinese med, acupuncture & Chi Gong). An accidental encounter at a Qigong seminar at a Buddhist Center, he was impressed and attracted by the Place and the People and the Peace they exhibited. The Shambala school teaches Tibetan Buddhism in a way that Westerners can relate to, without changing the fundamental principles. Chogyam Trungpa was a controversial figure. If you are looking to evaluate a spiritual tradition - look at the students or disciples.  He is aspiring to be a practising Buddhist, Trying to integrate the basic things into daily life. Maintaining awareness during everyday life. Trying to keep a sense of compassionate equanimity to everyone. Not just the people it's easy to be nice with.  Meditation practice Tonglen (Taking and sending). We tend to want comfortable and avoid uncomfortable. Take in what they’re expressing (inhale black smoke) convert it to it’s antidote (white light), for them (and for yourself), e.g. patience might be the antidote to anger. This is a form of alchemy transforming poison into something pure. If we want to be happy and live in a peaceful world, where people aren’t killing each other, Then we need this more than anything.  We are empowered to diffuse and de-escalate situations and not feed the old patterns. Practise on simpler stuff, imagine or rehearse situations. These emotions can  lead to imbalance, that leads to sickness. See Tibetan medicine (sowa-rigpa). Whatever is going on in our minds, not only determines  behaviours but what we do to others and the planet. The problems of damage to Nature (deforesting, ocean toxic etc) is to do with our relationship with our emotions : greed, desire and attachment. If we have any hope of having more trees or cleaning up the oceans we need to at least start looking at what's going on in our heads. When we attach to things we can never truly hold onto, we are going to have a problem. Buddhism observes how things really are and not the way that we want them to be. (Variation is inevitable). Death is not morbid, it is part of nature and part of life.  The cessation and destruction of ourselves and everything we have built up, can be hard for people to contemplate and accept.  Reincarnation makes sense to him but he’s not hung up on it. He wants to work on his mind now so he can enjoy his death.. Not full of fear and attachment, be clear and enjoy the ride. That's going to take some work. Tips: On waking, check where your mind is and at (same b4 bed). Frames your day with reflection and awareness. Mantra- “protect one's mind from one's own negativity” can be balancing. Contact: Instagram FacebookProducer Matthew Wood - mw250204@gmail.comMusic by MarkJuly from Pixabay
Robyn Helmbold - Balance, Nature's Core Value
Robyn Helmbold - Balance, Nature's Core Value    #1000 Hours Outside  Free Apple App  2.99 Apple AppRobyn, a 4th year veterinary student, grew up in a  coastal village in South Africa where she attended a small Eco School. For a large part of this they were in the local wetland area and were always involved with clearing rubbish and alien invasive plants. This stewardship and care for the environment was just General Knowledge. Without these early years of being in Nature and caring for it, it seems unlikely that people will act to conserve or protect the environment. Her 1st year of veterinary school was in Pretoria, a big city. She was overwhelmed and scared a lot of the time, running on autopilot. Without access to Nature she felt scared and unsafe, whereas her peers seemed unaffected by this sensory overload and were at home in this very urban environment. Fortunately, “lockdowns” meant that she was able to escape this “5km prison”. Her 2nd year on the Veterinary campus with open areas and animals was a completely different experience. She could feel the “Grass Underneath Her Feet” and able to touch animals and be quiet, together with them. Her Core Value is BALANCE. Every aspect of her life from what she eats, to when she wakes and how much time she studies or is outdoors is guided by this. She now has a study group that have moved outdoors, they are more productive and others seem to be following their lead.  Riding since she was 3, she has a special bond with horses. Riding is an opportunity for her brain to go quiet and a feeling of being free. JoAnn Deak in her book “Girls will be Girls”, speaks about the positive impact horses can have on developing girls confidence. There is still prejudice against women in vet sphere but mostly in wildlife and large animal arenas. Imbalances are being corrected with about 60% of the students on her program being female. Not many Natural alternatives to standard pharmacological options are taught. But there are alternative, wholistic approaches,  like Homeopathy out there. To generate interest in Nature decline and Conservation, we need to make it fashionable, a trend. Then people will realise how beneficial being in Nature is. At the beginning of the year she started a “1000 Hours Outdoors Challenge”, so spends 3-4 hours everyday outside. To make this feasible she is moving more of her usual daily activities outdoors, rather than carving out large chunks of time. On waking she spends at least 10min getting direct sunlight, which has been shown to improve circadian rhythms and energy levels. You can find more info and evidence at In her opinion, The One Thing that people think of as “Normal” but not “Natural” is: compromising sleep for deadlines. Working late into the night and losing sleep compromises performance and health. Contact: Instagram FacebookProducer Matthew Wood - mw250204@gmail.comMusic by MarkJuly from Pixabay
Destiny: Super-Natural
Destiny: Super-Natural
Connect and Ascend registration - 23-34 June 2023 in West Malling, Kent,, Facebook, InstagramDestiny was born to Hippy parents in California and moved to the UK when she was 12. She was drawn to chiropractic because of the humanistic, vitalistic and “magical” elements. But at chiro school she felt that she lost part of herself, her more magical side, in mechanistic study. Magic in her life has telepathic elements and something more than the physical, the metaphysical or super-natural. She believes we create our own reality, so she decided to create a magical one for herself. After moving to,  what her husband, a more “grounded” guy, described as a haunted house.  Then the fairly traumatic birth of her first child and his challenging early childhood. It wasn’t until 14 years latter and after the second child, her daughter, was having terrible nightmares that she got help from Nicola. Nicola came to the house and spoke a “weird language” with different sounds . Unprompted, she started replying in the same language. She calls this “Light Language” and believes she channels Star People. As if catching up for lost time, she entered an intense phase of writing, drawing and telepathic ability. She now has learned to use this more sensitively, using her intuition to guide her. She can now understand the messages and interpret/translate the information but always asks permission before sharing. People who can also do this, are mostly women but Destiny thinks men who have done deep emotional work, can do it too but may use it in a more physical or  kinaesthetic way. Her studio is a very welcoming environment. She brings Nature into her practice with loads of plants and lovely smells. With 5 tables people can come in and leave their stress at the door. Our "busyness" disconnects us from our bodies ie we become Dis-embodied. She sees herself in the role of a facilitator of healing and would like people to nurture themselves as much as we would a garden or a newborn. The human brain is linear but we are layered, multi-dimensional and flowing  beings. We are all connected and form part of the collective consciousness and collective unconsciousness. Things that can help us connect with our more magical or supernatural selves are: getting chiropractic adjustments, meditation and breathwork. You can experience all of those at her next Connect and Ascend event Instagram FacebookProducer Matthew Wood - mw250204@gmail.comMusic by MarkJuly from Pixabay