The Elevate Podcast: Leading with Heart - The A and R - Episode 4

The Elevate Podcast

08-02-2023 • 15 mins

ELEVATING YOUR BUSINESS, BRAND, AND LEADERSHIP In this episode, Robert and Tony continue the conversation about Leading with Heart and discuss the “A” and the "R" in the HEART acronym. Tony had 3 heart attacks between ages 28-38 and his daughter was born with heart complications. Don't miss the leadership conversation about Leading with Heart. Join the community that is gleaning wisdom and insight from leaders who are leading and adding value by sharing what they have learned. In the Elevate Podcast, we talk everything Business, Brand, and Leadership.

No matter where you are in business or leadership, The Elevate Podcast is designed to challenge, equip, and encourage you to take what you are doing to the next level.

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