Digital Trends in Wealth Management with April Rudin, Chip Kispert, and Nitin Seth

CRM Unlocked

28-06-2022 • 44 mins

Digital transformation is not just a technology phenomenon. It is a business model and mindset shift that is revolutionizing industries and the way wealth managers operate.  As digital disruption continues to sweep through the industry, wealth managers are under pressure to quickly adopt new technologies, reinvent themselves, and find ways to offer more personalized customer experiences. In this episode, Marc Butler is joined by industry experts at Skience Fair: Digital Trends Impacting Wealth Management Leaders. April Rudin (CEO at Rudin Group), Nitin Seth (CEO at Incedo), and Chip Kispert (Managing Partner at Beacon Strategies) share their insights on digital transformation in wealth management, how firms can optimize their operations and value proposition, and what digital trends wealth managers should pay attention to. Key Takeaways [01:13] - An introduction to the top industry experts in this webinar. [07:55] - The beginnings of the digital transformation and its impact on wealth management. [14:38] - How companies manage their data and what value they gain from it. [17:48] - How firms are redefining their value proposition and branding in today's business environment. [22:31] - The importance of communication in client retention. [24:44] - Why strategy and execution need to work together. [29:28] - Where advisory firms fall short when it comes to strategy and execution. [37:08] - The most effective ways advisors can market themselves. [38:35] - Who they consider to be influential disruptors in the coming years. Quotes [20:24] - "The way marketing has shifted is to be more client-centric. And so rather than talking about here's what I do, here's more about me, here's my technology, and all about this. It's more about solving client pain points and problems." - April Rudin [20:54] - "Technology firms that want the enterprise to understand what they do need to make sure that they're communicating their value proposition in a way that makes sense to their buyers, not in a way that makes sense to them." - April Rudin [27:57] - "The overall state of maturity in terms of the technology and operational infrastructure for most wealth managers is still behind the curve. It is often a password of multiple systems, multiple platforms that are trying to come together." - Nitin Seth [31:43] - "We saw a lot of folks really go down the path of trying to automate their account opening and they got it half right." - Chip Kispert Links  Marc Butler on LinkedIn April Rudin on LinkedIn Chip Kispert Nitin Seth  The Rudin Group Beacon Strategies Incedo Capgemini Elon Musk SpaceX Jack Dorsey Skience Fair: Digital Trends Impacting Wealth Management Leaders Connect with our hosts Ali McCarthy Sanjeev Kumar Skience Subscribe and stay in touch Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts