Onboarding Clients Made Easy with Miles Burns and Patrick Meyer

CRM Unlocked

18-10-2022 • 36 mins

Client onboarding is a critical part of any business. It is the first step in building a long-term relationship with the client and sets the tone for how the firm will provide services moving forward.  In this episode, Sanjeev and Ali talk with Miles Burns, Senior Business Development Manager in Financial Services, and Patrick Meyer, Director of Wealth Management at DocuSign. DocuSign helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. In their roles, Miles cultivates strategic partnerships in the financial services ecosystem, while Patrick directs DocuSign's wealth management strategies. Miles and Patrick talk with Sanjeev and Ali about the top three trends in wealth management, the challenge of delivering trusted data, and how DocuSign helps clients solve the complexity of data authentication and create a seamless onboarding process. Key Takeaways [01:03] - Miles and Sanjeev's top takeaways from Dreamforce 2022. [04:24] - The top three trends Patrick sees emerging in wealth management. [12:31] - The role of custodians in RIAs. [14:04] - How financial firms deal with the complexity of data authentication. [17:42] - An analogy about how custodians deliver trusted data. [19:37] - How forms add value if custodians already manage data. [23:00] - How financial firms adapt to the younger generation's needs. [26:58] - How DocuSign helps clients streamline their processes. [31:04] - What DocuSign has in store for the future. Quotes [05:50] - "I see wealth management trends fall into three different altitudes. You've got your strategic, tactical, and operational trends. And each one of these trends has a side of the coin." ~ Patrick Meyer [20:38] - "Forms aren't necessarily paper anymore. It's a contract or a collection of data in a structured format and delivered via a consumable file." ~ Patrick Meyer [24:58] - "We know what the investors want because we hear them. But we live and die by compliance, so we are limited in what we can do and how we do it. We’ve got to get creative." ~ Patrick Meyer Links  Miles Burns on LinkedIn Patrick Meyer on Linkedin DocuSign Salesforce Connect with our hosts Ali McCarthy Sanjeev Kumar Skience Subscribe and stay in touch Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts