Digital Transformation Models with Jon Feinstein

CRM Unlocked

14-06-2022 • 28 mins

The digital landscape is constantly transforming the way we do business. Proper implementation doesn’t lose sight of the human touch, whether that means giving clients a more personal experience or giving advisors a better work/life balance.  In this episode, Ali and Sanjeev talk with Jon Feinstein, Relationship Manager at Skience. Throughout his career, Jon has had a ringside seat to watch CRM's impact on the industry, the people who work within it, and the clients it serves.  Jon talks with Ali and Sanjeev about how to make the digital journey smooth for firms and clients alike, what is at the foundation of a successful implementation, and barriers to success.  Key Takeaways [02:15] - Why understanding the human element is critical in all industries. [06:31] - How we can use technology to further our goals as advisors and bring value to those we serve. [10:50] - What is the foundation of a CRM system. [12:30] - How organizations can rethink their digital journey. [15:02] - How to find value not just for the client and the organization but the industry as well. [19:29] - How a reset can help you rediscover the intentionality of your business. [23:12] - The biggest barrier to successful digital integration. Quotes [07:05] - "We want to grow assets under management. We want to grow assets under administration. We want our advisors to become more efficient. We want to grow market share. And so the point of digital transformation exercises isn’t to go digital but organizations can measure their digital maturity in part by assessing progress made into digital transformation across a few dimensions and as well as the ROI from those investments." ~ Jon Feinstein [10:50] - "I think when you think about CRM, I think for any successful implementation, it starts with a strong foundation of data. Data is absolutely essential. The quality of the data, the cleanliness of the data, because that's really the foundation that flows into all of the systems, CRM or otherwise." ~ Jon Feinstein [15:02] - Whether you’re a product manufacturer or a wealth management or asset management firm, or a software company, you name it, we want to create value, and we need to think of value in terms of not just the organization but what value will be derived by the industry." ~ Jon Feinstein Links  Jon Feinstein on LinkedIn Connect with our hosts Ali McCarthy Sanjeev Kumar Skience Subscribe and stay in touch Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts