AI-Driven Business Support System with Matt Reiner

CRM Unlocked

14-02-2023 • 34 mins

In this episode, Marc Butler talks with Matt Reiner, CEO and Co-Founder of Benjamin. After spending years as both a financial manager for individuals and helping to lead Capital Investments Advisors and Wela Strategies, Matt co-founded Benjamin, an AI fintech company that serves the financial advisor industry. Matt used both Capital and Wela as testing grounds for his technology. Now, Benjamin helps hundreds of firms across the country streamline time-consuming tasks and allows for greater client engagement through technology. Matt believes that with true innovation, RIAs will attract top-tier talent, create efficient and scalable practices, and offer higher-quality personal service to clients at all levels of wealth. Dedicated to helping the financial services industry grow and evolve, Matt talks with Marc about his journey in wealth management and fintech, his motivation for creating Benjamin, and his mission to do everything possible to provide access to financial advice to everybody. Key Takeaways [01:53] - An overview of Matt's professional and personal background. [04:42] - The dynamics of working in a family business. [09:46] - What motivated Matt to create Benjamin. [15:48] - What's next for Benjamin in the coming years. [20:24] - What Matt's podcast, Bridging the Gap, is about. [23:58] - Matt's recommendations for books. [26:30] - The podcast Matt listens to the most. [28:02] - Matt's perspective on wealth management's future. Quotes [05:50] - "Our focus has always hinged on our investment thesis of helping families generate a consistent stream of income utilizing marketable securities that can fill their spending gap in retirement to help them sleep well at night." ~ Matt Reiner [11:39] - "We were growing at a pretty good clip, and it was putting a lot of pressure on our team. The challenge that we were facing was nothing was really integrated. Our team had to manage and maintain their manila folders on the desk, and things were falling through the cracks. And it wasn't anything due to our people. It was more of our process." ~ Matt Reiner [18:27] - "Our ethos is not to be a replacement for technologies that advisors are using. We're not going to recreate a paperwork process, the calendar scheduling process, or a reporting engine. We will tap into the companies that have already done a great job with that and be the air traffic controller." ~ Matt Reiner Links  Matt Reiner on LinkedIn Matt Reiner on Twitter Capital Investments Advisors Wela Strategies Benjamin eMoney Advisor Bridging the Gap Podcast The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO Shoe Dog It Takes What It Takes: How to Think Neutrally and Gain Control of Your Life The Daily Stoic Podcast Charles Schwab Fidelity Investments Connect with our hosts Ali McCarthy Sanjeev Kumar Marc Butler Skience Subscribe and stay in touch Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts