Vampire Weekend - Ezra Koenig


10-04-2024 • 52 mins

Some bands, you love them almost instantly, and that was the deal for me with Vampire Weekend, who I was fortunate to be tipped off to early on, through some mutual friends in NYC. My love for them has only grown with each new album, as VW continue to explore new sonic terrain, including on their brilliant latest LP, Only God Was Above Us, which is out now. In this interview, VW frontman Ezra Koenig — one of my mega-favorite songwriters, and also one of my favorite dudes — talks about his mega favorites. And, somewhat unsurprisingly, we have at least a few in common — The Kinks and Belle and Sebastian, among the ones he talks about here. Ezra also shares how his music tastes were shaped by the 50s and 60s pop hits he loved listening to as a kid, on his local oldies station, and how that shifted into discovering Scott Walker and Neil Young and 90s hip-hop and early aughts Radiohead and a whole eclectic swath of other music, including 21st century faves like M.I.A. and Lana Del Rey. We also discuss the evolution of Vampire Weekend, and how his view of what the band can be continues to expand.